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    In all cultures stereotypes are created (simplified perceptions, endowed with few details, exaggerated and generalized, of a culture or region), as for example in the case of the Spanish, that we are considered at international level as extroverts and lazy, or as the case of the English, who are considered as “squared” people who never arrive late… But many of these ways of characterizing people from other countries or other cultures are not always seen in the same way by the speakers of the culture described.

    In this activity you must think about the personal stereotypes that the rest of Europeans associate with your country of origin, and also answer the following questions in the Platform forum:

    • Excercise 1: Name the stereotypes (both positive and negative) that are supposed to be your own because of your place of birth.
    • Excercise 2: Do you think that these stereotypes are based on the knowledge of different cultures or are supported by prejudices? Justify your answer.
    • Excercise 3: Do you feel identified by that stereotype that has been awarded to you by your place of origin? Why?
    • Excercise 4: Are there any that you think does resemble the typical personality of the people in your country?
    • Excercise 5: Make a description of yourself in 2 or 3 lines so that the other colleagues can see if the stereotypes they know about your country have some truth or not. similarly, read the descriptions of your peers and reflect on whether you have ever believed in them.
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