Asociación Iniciativa Internacional Joven (Youth International Initiative Association) is an NGO from Málaga (Spain) created in 2003 from a group of youths who after participating in international programmes and activities, concluded that these experiences had been very important to change their life. Therefore, they decided to share them with other young people, collectives and associations, to enhance the interest in participating in international programs and exchanges, learning languages, realizing voluntary work, raising awareness, tolerance and respect for other cultures, etc. thereby contributing to personal and professional development of young people and adults.

The main aims of the organization are:

  • Encourage the development of plans, programs and project that impact the benefit of youth and adults;
  • Improve the training of officials, technicians, youth and other people involved with the society, at local and international level;
  • Enhance integration and development of citizens at different levels: training, employment, social and cultural activities, health, sports, languages and intercultural learning;
  • Contribute to the development cooperation of the poorest countries and the poorest sectors of the population.

To achieve these objectives, we carry out studies, researches and activities to improve adult employability, we cooperate with other public and private institutions to create youth projects and programs, we create training courses and guidance on areas of interest, especially in the field of intercultural knowledge and professional abilities.

The headquarter of our organization is located in the Sociocultural Centre “El Cónsul” where we share place and activities with other organizations in order to create an intercultural and intergenerational space.

The projects we undertake are framed within the following areas of intervention: education, training, international mobility, development cooperation, art and culture. All activities developed are framed within a strategic plan jointly written by the members of the entity (workers and managers).

Our association and its members, since its beginning, has been directly involved in major projects both nationally and internationally, and we have extensive experience not only as participants but as applicants, coordinators and trainers in seminars, training courses and youth exchanges on the local and mainly international level.