Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer (InterMedi@KT) is a NGO working on vocational education, training and innovation. We aim at supporting, inspiring and empowering actions of evolving business and entrepreneurship. Located in Patras, Greece, we provide an effective promotion of knowledge, vocational training and e-learning activities. What is more we are looking to expand our network of activities and partners on both a national and international level, believing in and pursuing exchange of knowledge, experience and know-how, along with the empowerment of a “citizen of the world” profile for EU citizens.

Acting as an intermediate advisor, we come in contact with professionals who are experts in their field and able to provide us with the essential information, so that we in turn can offer appropriate guidance to citizens. Our means of communication mainly include web-based platforms and e-learning activities, Internet, Social Media and mobile applications, as well as activities, training seminars, dissemination and sustainability strategies. We keep on track with technological advances, and in turn provide portable and easily accessible information to our end users.

The direct aims of InterMedi@KT include:

  • Effective promotion of knowledge, vocational and adult training through e-learning activities,
  • promoting science and advanced technologies to students and young people as a tool for becoming better citizens and more competitive professionals,
  • supporting youth entrepreneurship & youth workers,
  • support of local development through releasing the potential of alternative tourism,
  • strengthening social cohesion by taking care to consider equality of genres, nationalities and groups, as well as encouraging professional participation whilst offering employment training programs for vulnerable groups.

InterMedi@KT aims at the creation of a network of contacts at national and international level, composed of individuals, organizations, companies, institutions, and other entities that operate on similar goals and actions, and can support the visions of our organization. Through this network, we aim to assist and empower civil society, deepening democracy and promoting social cohesion among European citizens, through the successful transfer of knowledge and information as supplies for vocational training.

Our main key activities are:

  • promotion of knowledge, vocational and adult training
  • support the local development
  • promoting science and advanced technologies
  • strengthening the social cohesion