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The project general objective is to develop key competences in adult population and to strengthen the network of actors in the field of education, training, and guidance in each participating territories to promote social and professional fulfillment and inclusion of adults.

The specific objectives are:

SO1. Raising the quality of adult learning, involving 160 participants (over 50s and migrants) in learning experiences to strengthen their skills and Key Competences (1,2,3,4,5,6) in a creative, innovative, non-formal learning environment.
SO2. To promote the inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion, fostering their self-esteem and autonomy, strengthening the attitude to lifelong learning and social development to 160 adults through experiences exchange with those coming from different contexts.
SO3. To develop a more integrated information system in continue education, guidance, training and job opportunities, offered to adult population and increase the knowledge of Eu Programmes for adults.
SO4. Stimulate an open mind, intercultural exchange and intergenerational dialogue in at least 160 adults, fostering the development of their social skills and active participation to society.
The main activities will include preparation activities, development of learning materials on Key Competences, mentoring activities for self-assessment of adult skills, 4 transnational project meetings, 2 blended mobilities of adult learners of 4 weeks (in Italy and Spain), the creation of an online interactive guide, the realization of Video CV with adult learners and monitoring, evaluation and dissemination activities. Our 1st newsletter covers the 1st part of our Project’s timeline & activities for the period December 2018 – July 2019.

Current & Upcoming Activities

Working on digital and literacy key competence learning online modules

The Greek team from our project working on Literacy & Digital Competences (KC1 & KC4) to address the need of developing an effective communication in different contexts of personal, social and professional life, using different communication registers and adapting to different interlocutors and we’re excited about it!! Moreover, along with the creation of the Digital…


Soon the 1st Blended Mobility of the project in Italy

The first Blended Mobility of the project “E.T.I.C.A.S.D. – Education Tools Improvement Contributing to Adult Social Development”, will be hosted from Associazione Travelogue in Umbria, in the heart of Italy (precisely in Marsciano – PG) from September 20th to October 17th 2019. The mobility will involve 4 participants from each partner organisation, from Spain, Greece,…


Open Call for ETICASD Mobility from Iniciativa Internacional Joven, Spain

Open call for the mobility: On 25th June 2019, Iniciativa Internacional Joven published an open call to participate in Key4Dedelopment (E.T.I.C.A.S.D.) in our website and shared in social media the same day (facebook and Instagram): http://aiij.org/oportunidad-de-formacion-y-voluntariado-en-italia-para-adultos-y-seniors



ETICASD officially presented by the Spanish Partners

On June 14th, Iniciativa Internacional Joven, the Spanish partner of Key4Development, carried out a public presentation of the project at its local headquarters for all potential candidates and organizations than might be interested in participating. During this presentation, the coordinator explained the main objectives and activities related to the project, and the participation requirements for…


Language courses from our Spanish partners during July

Are you going on holidays this summer to Italy or are you just passionate about languages? We have a new opportunity for you! Thanks to the success of our “Italian space” we have created two activities! During the whole month of July we will have Italian lessons every Thursday from 11:00 to 13:00 intermediate level…


Meeting on the occasion of World Cultural Diversity Day in Marsciano, Italy

On 21st of May 2019, on the occasion of World Cultural Diversity Day for dialogue and development, our Erasmus+ project “E.T.I.C.A.S.D. – Education Tools Improvement Contributing to Adult Social Development” was presented from the Italian Partners in the event entitled Together… The key to development (Insieme … La chiave per lo sviluppo) in Marsciano, Italy.…




The project answers to priority 1 (mproving and extending the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual low-skilled or low-qualified adults) because it involves, as beneficiaries and target groups, adults with low skills or low qualifications of different ages (over 18 migrants/refugees and adult population from age 50) in activities and experiences which lead to develop their key competences


And all started last December with our Kick Off Meeting

“E.T.I.C.A.S.D” Kick Off Meeting

The Kick Off Meeting of  “E.T.I.C.A.S.D. – Education Tools Improvement Contributing to Adult Social Development” took place on 6th and 7th of December 2018, in Saint Etienne, France. The four partners from France , Italy, Spain & Greece working together to develop key competences in adult population and to strengthen the network of actors in…



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Current & Upcoming Activities

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